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Custom Ear Molds

Each individual’s ears are completely unique, which is why store-bought earbuds and earplugs are often uncomfortable after just a few hours of use. One-size-fits-all isn’t the best option for in-ear devices. The solution? Custom earmolds, which offer the very best in comfort and fit.
Custom earmolds are made from a silicone mold crafted for your individual ears. The benefits of custom earmolds over generic styles are plentiful. They fit perfectly, guarantee long-term comfort, heighten your hearing, improve sound acoustics and provide varying features depending on your needs. There are many types of products that utilize custom earmolds, including:
  • Earbuds and headphones

    If you’re a fan of music, custom earbuds will give you the ultimate listening experience. They completely block out unwanted sounds while delivering quality acoustics, allowing you to hear the music as the artist intended at a safe volume.


  • Earplugs

    Earplugs are helpful for sleeping soundly and protecting your hearing during noisy activities. Many people in the manufacturing and construction sectors also use earplugs while working. The only way to ensure your ears are truly protected, sound is fully blocked out and you’re comfortable over many hours is through the use of custom earmolds.

  • Hearing aids

    Most in-the-canal, receiver-in-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing devices are individually created in Alexandria. Custom earmolds ensure a comfortable and secure fit that supports daily use and optimal acoustics.

  • Earpieces

    A variety of professions use devices made from custom earmolds for their communications needs. Some examples include phone headsets used in customer service centers, on-site radio communications used in some retail stores and communication over long distances such as between pilots and air traffic control towers. Since people in these professions must wear their earpieces for hours each day, custom earmolds are the best way to ensure comfort and hearing safety.

  • Hunter’s earmolds

    Specially designed hunter’s plugs are custom earmolds that protect your ears from the sounds of firearms. They are useful for hunters, shooters at ranges, law enforcement officers and members of the military. Hunter’s earmolds allow low-volume sounds you need to hear like rustling branches to reach your ears, but they block out loud gunshots using a tiny valve that closes when hit with noise loud enough to cause damage.

  • Musician’s monitors

    These unique custom earmolds are both earplugs and earbuds simultaneously. They’re designed for musicians in rock bands. Musician’s monitors deliver clear, quality feedback directly to your ears at a safe volume level while blocking out the potentially damaging noises from surrounding speakers and instruments.

  • Swimmer’s earplugs

    Ear infections, swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear are the most common ear-related issues cause by spending time in the water. Swimmer’s plugs prevent these damaging and painful conditions by preventing any water to enter the ear. Swimmers, those who participate in aquatic activities and people prone to ear infections should always invest in waterproof custom earmolds.

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